Help Former Pro Mike Elias

Text taken from the fundraiser page:

Hello friends-

For those lucky enough to live in town & have attended the Ship John party last night you know that Portland Country Underground sounds sweet as ever, that Mike's attention to his craft is still meticulous & masterful, & that a great time was had by many.  What you probably don't know is that after everybody left, there was an attempted robbery &, when Mike refused to surrender his cash, a violent assault on his person that resulted in multiple surgeries and an overnight stay in the Legacy Emanuel ICU.  

Mike of course is tough as old boots, but this is a trying time for him and his family.  We're not sure yet as to the extent of his medical costs but they are sure to be formidable...  Please consider throwing a few bucks into the hat as he has done for many others and would surely do for you, & share this page freely.  

His immediate family is understandably shaken from this ordeal so we'd ask that, at first, you tread lightly until everyone has a chance to get their bearings.  There will be much that can be done to help in the coming weeks (plus surely a benefit show or three), so please keep Mike, Amanda, & Weston in your hearts going forward.  

True to form & in spite of everything I might add that the thieves were unsuccessful in taking Mike's money.  Love to all.