Aggressive Ice Skating? | This is Soul

“Why would anybody use their Inline Skates as Ice Skates anyway? In this video i will explore this question together with my friends Erik and Remy One can imagine that regular ice skates would be allot better, right? WRONG!! Inline skate boots developed a unique stiffness yet unmatched in ice skating hardware today. There are 2 reasons. The beating that an Aggressive Inline Skate takes and the steep angle an Inline Skate is in during breaking or sliding. Once you go extreme on Ice Skates this stiffness can be very useful. You can ask anybody that does red bull crashed ice about why their standard hockey skates are not up for the challenge anymore, So, even though these two sports are basically the same thing, the difference is in the grip with the ground. Most inline skaters will not even know that to slide on ice, you just have to keep your boot as straight as possible due to the square profile of the blade The sport of Freestyle Ice Skating and Aggressive Ice Skating is slowly emerging. This means that Ice skating Hardware is about to change radically. A freestyle ice skate is different from a hockey ice skate because of its stiffness An aggressive ice skate can be defined for having a soulplate to do grinds on. So, If you want to go to the ice skate rink in style to do some tricks, then make sure you get some inline skate boots to do so. If you do not know what blade will fit on your inline skate boots, then do not hesitate to send us a picture of them, so that we can help you pick the right one.” - ThisIsSoul