Angry Youth Cinema Presents Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies is an American Aggressive Inline Skate movie from the mid 90's.

The film features skating from:
Arlo Eisenberg, Brian Smith, Chris Edwards, Brian Bell, Matty Mantz and many more.

Aggressive Inline skating emerged in the VHS era. In these old video's you can really see the progression of the sport. The first inline skate video was Dare to Air, made in 1993. In this video the skaters are using 72mm recreational skates and they can barely grind. And a few years later the skaters are doing insane combo's on REAL aggressive skates!

#angryyouth, is a all about showing the roots of our culture.

We do three things:
- We digitalize old VHS tapes and we will put them on so that you can watch them there.
- The physical VHS tapes will be available for purchase on
- And once every month we will get together in a creative studio in Amsterdam with a group of skate enthusiasts. Specially for this occasion we created a little cinema and a bar in his studio.

Each month we screen one of the tapes and drink beers afterwards.
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