TruSpin Podcast #48 - Skate Chat V3 with Rob Harrington


2018 Year in Review with Rob Harrington

(Topic Notes, Not in order of podcast)

  • Started the big wheel blading distance challenge.

  • Skated 1000 miles by June.

  • Konjure dropped their first wheel in feb..

  • Shredpool visited in feb

  • Drew Patton came in March

  • Blading philly in April

  • Blading Denver June

  • June Thursday night skate ritual

  • July young Paul shows up

  • August custom adapts

  • We podcasted aug and sept

  • Law came to Florida October

  • Shredpool wheel November

  • December Blade featured in industry setups. Ha!

  • G boots sad story

  • King souls

  • Custom VIIs

  • Crown liners; updated, better footbeds.

  • New Konjure stuff in January

  • Adapt skates going strong

  • New Adapt mid straps look great

  • Front farv challenge

  • More challenges and giveaways

  • Them skates takeover

  • Rob G support.

  • Lino leaving PS, new project?