Matthias Knoll Rolls Vegas

When our CEO Matze is on business trips, he always makes sure to bring his Triskates, never missing a chance to go for a good skate exercise. Here he went on an early morning cruise around the desert in Las Vegas, USA. Beautiful land-of-the-free scenery, combined with double pushed Matter One20Five wheels.

Powerslide - we love to skate!

Powerslide worldwide - Matze rolls Vegas Skater: Matthias Knoll Skates: Powerslide Vi Pro Carbon Trinity Custom boots, Powerslide Trinity Core 3x125mm frames, Matter One20Five F1 wheels & Wicked Swiss bearings. Camera: Matthias Knoll Edit: Ricardo Lino Location: Las Vegas, USA Find out more about our fast racing skating line at: *** Subscribe for more inline skating videos right here fro FREE: ***