Back To Blading #44 - You've Met Your Quota


This week Back To Blading welcomes Kevin Little to the show. Kevin talks with us about his new role at Be-Mag, Sic Urethane, USD, Donate and Skate and a ton more.

Copy of Jump Street Podcast #38 - Dano Gorman

“Dano is the next generation of rippers from Ireland. We talk about his friendship with Nick Lomax, surviving in the NYC heat, Irish pride, and a whole bunch of other fun random banta!” - JSP

Jump Street Podcast #37 - Julian Bah

“ATL represent! Julian Bah comes by to talk about his handmade apparel brand, J.Vaughn, the debut of his new blade company, WIN, and we have a good laugh about some old Razors and Bunique stories.” - JSP

Back To Blading #43 - What Time Was That, Ben?


This episode Ben and Law talk about the Independent Premiere, What Year is It 2019, Them 909 and announce the G-Form contest.

Jump Street Podcast #36 - Jon Julio

“Jon Julio has been cooking on something special for the THEM brand over the past few months. Jon introduces the 909 model which is a groundbreaking achievement in the blading world. He discusses what triggered the move to having a new mold, the process and struggles in designing it with Kyle Sola, and also touches on the new changes to the Blading Cup Series! This weeks episode is proudly sponsored by THEM! Jon Julio is making some serious updates to the company by introducing their new 909 skate which is likely the first truly skater made and owned mold of its kind. Follow THEM to check out the process of 909 and stay tuned for its official launch in 2020!” - JSP

Also, be sure to check out the new VOD! “INDEPENDENT” was produced to raise money to cover the incurred and future costs of product development. Be sure to check out all 4 variants now.

Mad Beef #160 - Mikey's Thoughts on The Adapt Brand Stealth Skate

“In this episode, I just kind of fondle my Adapt Branch 2018 Team Stealth skates, talking through what I like about them, and any possible issues..” - Mike Lynch

Back To Blading #42 - Puffy Tongues and Six Sets of Laces


Law and Ben welcome Al Dolega back to the show. Topics include bringing blading back, Them 909s, Mushroom Blading Big Block frames, little wheels, B Free and a ton more.