Back To Blading #37 - Do You Want The High Rebound Formula?


Lawrence welcomes special guest Rob Harrington of Konjure to talk about metal frames, making wheels and Woodward.

Jump Street Podcast #28 - Robbie Pitts

“Robbie has been contributing to the blading scene a lot in the past few years with his recent move from Melbourne to Los Angeles. He shares funny stories about running into the locals in NYC, how his fashion style affects him and his blading, as well as the influences that got him there.” - Jump Street Podcast

Gear Talk #23 - Wheels, Wheels, And More Wheels

In this episode, Law talks about wheels. 50/50 wheels, different wheel profiles, bearings spacers, 80mm wheels, 110mm wheels, everything to do with wheels. Recorded Live on 9th, 2019.

Rock Town Podcast #128 - Grant Hazelton


Grant Hazelton is a skater out of Rochester, New York, who was in the Bay Area for the Gold Comp. Despite feeling under the weather that day, he was still able to skate some iconic spots in the area and spend some time talking (and skating) with Rock Town co-host Levi Sebastian. 

Rock Town Podcast #127 - Gold Comp


The Gold Comp was held April 27th, 2019 in San Jose, Calif. With $2,500 on the line, it brought out some talent from far away. Levi was there recording most of it, so he and Brian go through some of the major events of the day.