Jump Street Podcast #33 - Kurt Newman

“Kurt was a big part of the Atlanta blade scene back in the day, growing up with people like Walt Austin, Kevin Dowling, and Will Gordon. After taking a 10 year break, he's back and more in love with the sport than ever. We talk about what made him come back, the passion behind it, and what he's up to now with his new wheel company, TUFR Wheels.” - Jump Street Podcast

Rock Town Podcast #130 - BFree's #731


Two years ago, Brian "BFree" Freeman started skating every day, first recording clips using a shoe tripod and soon developing a thesis: Let’s Get It Forever.

Rock Town Podcast Co-Host Levi Sebastian talks with BFree before one of his three sessions on Day 731, his two-year anniversary. They talk about inspiration, the Bfree Blading Academy, demos at Oakland’s First Fridays and more. (Krans interjects some history on Town Park, where the interview took place.)

Back To Blading #40 - Don't Make Your Wife Watch It


Ben and Law talk about The Aggressives, a movie from 2005. They also talk about the 5th Elements, YouTube blading stars, Roces and a bunch of videos and hardware.

The Powell Movement #128 - Fabiola da Silva


“Saying Fabiola da Silva is the best, and most underappreciated female athlete of our time is a bold statement…but it’s one that I fully believe. I can’t think of another case in sport where a woman was so dominant in her field, that the sport’s organizing body decided to cancel the woman’s event and have the women (Fabiola) compete against the men...And Fabiola did not disappoint, standing on the podium with her peers at some of the biggest events in the world.” - Mike Powell

Jump Street Podcast #32 - Sean Keane

“Sean has been known for his truly unique style of blading lately. We talk about filming with his crew in Sacramento, snowboarding affecting his blading, his connection with Rollerblade, and more!”
- Jump Street Podcast

Jump Street Podcast #31 - Grant Hazelton

Grant has been non stop for the past few years! We talk about how he quit his job to skate, having a mini ramp inside his house, and homophobia in the blading scene.