Inline Challenge 2018 | The Lino Life

LINK FOR BIG WHEEL BLADING CHALLENGE 2018: presents the 2018 Big Wheel Challenge. This challenge is for bladers who began to love blading through grinds, gaps and grabs and have now added distance to their tricks.

2017 champ - Eric Cruz - 2548.50 miles

2016 champ - Ben Price - 3088.37 miles.

2015 champ - Casey Bagozzi - 2498.47 miles.

Invite your blading buddies to join the challenge.

If you are strictly a distance or speed skater you will be removed from the challenge.

challenge 2 - FOR Speed and Distance Skaters: presents the Inline Skating Distance 2018 Challenge. This challenge is open to people from all countries, from all disciplines and background of inline skating.