Are You Down? Cameron Card Skates It All | BigWheelBlading

In 2007 Cameron suffered a severe head injury and after a difficult rehab he hit his head again. Even with these injuries he never lost his passion for skating. He just refocused his energy into his new project, Organic Blading.

Cameron is now one of many "blader dads" out there and is fortunate enough to share his love of blading with his children. He still hasn’t hung up aggressive skates and is still shredding as hard as ever, but he has added many disciplines of skating to his portfolio. As well as grinding rails, you can find him skating on the ice, skating cones, bombing stairs, participating in social urban skates, mushroom blading or even racing in marathons. This edit showcases it all. In the latest chapter of his skating life he went to New York City to get his SkateIA Certification.