Enter the FLOW | Shop Task

Thank you for watching. Nothing makes me happier than a flow skate on my Wizard PR 84. Wizard skates have opened up my mind to what is possible on inline skates. The combination of big wheels, long frames and a slight rocker is, as Lawrence Ingram (Back to Blading, 50/50) says, magic sauce. Just the right combination of ingredients that allows you to flow through the city with confidence and ease. The first skate spot was a christian college. We could see three blue stars from across the street and decided to check it out. The College is extremely small by the standard of most schools, even elementary schools. But the campus had some fun steps, a loading dock and plenty of parking barriers to jump. In the end I was please with the line. Lots of fun jumps and spins. I even landed a 540. I was feeling the flow as we crossed the walking bridge. (or should I say skating bridge) Next we entered a transit hub, complete with a train stop. The area is made up of parking lots and bus loops. Each area is connect with bridges, stair case, ramps and offer a splendid combination of possibilities for any level of inline skater. The perfect spot for carrying speed through challenging obstacles. The combination requires a sharpened focus, freeing your mind of debris, allowing your mind and body to flow together. What a great feeling. It was a great night of skating. We filmed for about 2 hours. I felt my spins were a little sloppy. But most everything else was quite nice. I was able to tap the flow skate a few times. Best of all, I was exhausted by the end. Thank you again for watching. - Shaun Unwin