Off-Road Snow Skating In Poland With The Powerslide Team

“We know that Off-Road skating is super fun. But to proove that we took some of the best skaters in Poland - from different disciplines - who have never tried Off-Road skating. Some of them haven't even tried skating in High Hardboot skates. To make it more interesting we choose winter weather with a lot of snow. It was cold, snowy and wet - but as we thought they all had an amazing time and great fun!” - Powerslide

Featured Skaters:

Polish Speed Skating Champions:
Mateusz and Marek Kania
Aleksandra Glamkowska

Polish Freestyle Slalom Champions and vice Champions:
Justyna Czapla
Karolina Jagielska
Zosia Adamska

Polish Freestyle Slalom and Aggressive Champion:
Patrycja Najda

Vice European Champion High Jump Champion:
Jakub Flaga
Tomasz Ardziński

Filmed by: Timur Taran