The Cellphone Sessions 1-4 | Chris Farmer & Brett Dasovic

"Here is the March edition of The Cellphone Sessions with myself and Chris Farmer continuing our snow skating adventures around Minnesota, All documented and edited on a Samsung Galaxy S7. This has been one of the best winters in my entire life. The combination of a great time and a goal to reach has given me a new lease on life when it comes to skating lately and I am proud of the small projects I've put out this past year!" - Brett Dasovic

"Our dedication to putting our blades on no matter how unhelpful the weather may be continues as Chris Farmer and myself snowlerblade a jam packed two weeks of sessions in February to make sure this installment would be up and ready before March begins!" - Brett Dasovic

"This is a compilation of footage we shot skating nothing but snow and ice during the month of January here in ice cold Minnesota." - Brett Dasovic

"Myself and Chris went out and about and filmed some low key blading manuevers during the end of summer/beginning of autumn. We filmed them and took some photos with our Cellular Telephones, documenting them for social media." - Brett Dasovic