New Years Shred IV Contest

First song & artist: Fear - Young Sherman
Second Song & artist: Only You - Mac Demarco

The best way to start the year of 2017 is to come together and having a huge jam session with all you blading friends from Germany and the Netherlands. For this day we will have a Miniramp Jam, a Half pipe Jam and again a DIY Skate park Jam which is a new experience every year. This is the fourth edition of the New Year`s Shred on Cologne Germany. Let`s celebrate the new year together!

Miniramp Jam:
-Benni Petry (GER/ Bremen)
-Gero Placheta (GER/ Colonge)

Vert Jam:
- Jo Zenk (GER/ Münster)
- Erik Droogh (NL/ Amsterdam)

Park Jam
- Jo Zenk (GER) 
- Eugen Enin (GER) & Benni Petry (GER)

Rookie of the Day Award
- Maurice Bohr (GER)