Schokofabrik - Eugin Enin & Sam Crofts

A rainy day at the USD/ Powerslide HQ turned into a chocolate flavored skatepark session with USD´s Eugen Enin & Sam Crofts, thanks to Bayreuth´s Schokofabrik. Luckily, Daniel Enin & Mark Heuss captured some moves of the two, including a quick guest appearance of Mister Borklyn Zoo himself.

Pay the Schoko-team a visit, great park, great people:

Chocolate factory - Eugen Enin & Sam Crofts for USD Skates

Riders: Eugen Enin, Sam Crofts

Skates: USD Carbon Free Eugen Enin (

USD Aeon72 Richie Eisler (

Location: Schokofabrik Bayreuth, Germany (

Camera: Daniel Enin from the Borklyn Zoo ( Mark Heuss (

Cut: Mark Heuss Track: Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda