Road Boi'z - by Cody Sanders

I had intended to make a video last year. Me and a couple of friends traveled around the nation for a while filming people rollerblade, but it just didn't come together.

If you want to make a video during a road trip you have to bring motivated people with you. They also have to have a large trick vocabulary. 
Who'da thought?

After the trip I stayed in austin for a couple of months and wound up getting quite a few clips of the homies there. I had an abundance of Andrew clips, so he accidentally got a section.

I eventually quit trying to make the video and moved back to New Orleans. 
Then the footage just sat there for several months.
I randomly got inspired this week and decided to put it together for fun.

Featuring clips of Foogie.
Thanks Foogie.

Shout out to everyone that took time out of their day to come hang out or house us.
(Andrew Scherf went above and beyond.
Geoff Acres too, thanks for clocking those extra hours for us.
Logan Fowell gets an "E" for effort, hahaha.)

New Orleans//San Diego//Los Angeles//Austin//Richmond//El Paso

Peeps: Foogie, Heath Burley, Andrew Broom, Taylor Denea Allen, Russell Day, Andrew Waddle, Levi van Rijn, Chris Fleener, Oliver Prado, Logan Stell Fowell, Shannon Joy Rodgers, Miguel Angel Ramos, Garret Mitschelen, Bear Phillips, Mick Casals, Grant Collins, Brandon Bobadilla, J.r. Padron, Aarin Gates & Ross Puryear.

"Everything was rad and nothing sucked."

"Might be" - Jstab
"indo smoke" - Dretti Franks (Feat. CVRSXD)