Sam Crofts - London on Three: Kizer TRIMAX Frames | Kizer

Sam Crofts bursts through London´s Victoria Park bowl on the fastest Aggro-setup he ever used: the new KIZER TRIMAX UFS-frame with 3x110mm UC wheels on a pair of USD Sway skates.

3 big wheels & bowl skating add up to huge air times, easier wheel slides & lots of speed.

Filmed & edited by Betamax Brigade:


The Kizer Trimax frame is the first triskating frame for the UFS-system, melting all the 3 wheel benefits into a tough aggressive skating frame.

Make UFS great again!

We used the famous Kizer Fluid material, long lasting & fast sliding. Rockerable axles provide custom wheel positioning, ride flat with all down, hockey style rocker with the firstw heel rockered up, one wheel mega banana or all wheels rockered up, whatever floats your boat. The symmetrical design lets you rotate & switch the frames if needed with ease. The 253mm wheel base provides control & agility at the same time.

The Kizer Trimax is available as frame only & as a frame set, including Powerslide Infinity 110mm 85A wheels & Abec 7 Wicked bearings. 


London on three - KIZER Trimax 3x110mm frames with Sam Crofts