Remy Cadier - Blading at 40

When the big 4-0 was approaching I figured I might as well make a '40 edit', like the one I did when I turned 35.
(check that here:
Josip Jagic of Be-mag was interested in doing something with that edit and did a small top 5 with me as well:
It's safe to say I did not nearly have the same spare time I did 5 years ago, which shows in loads of miniramp ansd skatepark footy. Big difference with my 35 edit, which was almost exclusively street.
Thanks to my peoples Axel van Dijk, DJ P-Trickz of Edible Beatz and everyone that held the camera for me briefly!
Edible Beatz ft. Prince Po - Children of the Corn (Practical Poetry remix)