Jan Fehlmann - Spring Street 2017 | Kaltik

Spring Street Edit 2017 (27.Feb. - 22.Apr.)

This clips are filmed from the 27.February to 22.April.2017 in Switzerland.
The spring starts very well in Switzerland.
That was pretty good cause we could skate a lot! :D
Thousand thanks to my friends, my girlfriend and supporter who make it possible!
Enjoy! :)

Rider Jan Fehlmann


Adrian Deck
Beat Schillmeier
Fabienne Peter
Jan Fehlmann
Luca Walther
Martin Bommeli
Rob Meyer
Sven Bursic
Till Zimmer

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ALK13 alk13.eu/fr/
Bergfunke bergfunke.ch
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Virus Syndicate - Knock It Back ft. Teddy Killerz 

Produktion by Jan Fehlmann