P by Patspang

Although climate change hits all of us, we are still forced to skate indoors during wintertime over here in the Netherlands. Normally we would hit the skateparks like we did years in a row. Last winter we decided to hit a parking garage like back in the day.

After getting kicked out at the first parking garage we wanted to skate, we skated about 20 spots with our buddies. Getting kicked out from a garage didn’t happen that often, maybe 3 or 4 times in total. We mostly skated after 8 pm till midnight, after a nice day of work and a quick bite to eat off we went. Randomly visit parking garages in cities like: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Amersfoort, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Utrecht and our favourite P-city Haarlem. 

In total we’ve spend € 81,60 on parking tickets, to get about 14 minutes of footage. 

Enjoy - P -

p a t s p a n g
Instagram: @patspang

Randy Abels
Remco van der Pol
Dick Heerkens
Alexander Linde
Remy Cadier
Deveril Abels
Sven Boekhorst
Levi van Rijn
Davy Wouda
Sjoerd Peters
Wisse Ankersmit
Vivien Butot
Sem Croft
Cavin Brinkman
Robin Bosgra
Wouter Schokking
Eric van Boven