Eugen Enin - Blader Union Crowd Funded #1

We've worked for the last month plus with the incredibly talented Eugen Enin and his brother Daniel Enin to bring you something super special. In one of the first videos of it's kind, this video exists thanks to the backers we have supporting us over at Early in the websites life cycle we reached out to Eugen to see if he was interested in doing something with us. We had a few ideas and suggestions, and eventually settled on what has become #BUCrowdFunded #1. 

The idea behind the Crowd Funded series is to start paying riders, professionals, and companies for the hard work they are putting into the industry. From the simple concept of stopping by and answering some questions or doing an interview, to hooking our backers up with something ultra exclusive that would only be available from our project, to something new an unique like we did here with Eugen. We suggested a number of ideas to him, and the one that really stuck out was seeing if anyone could stump him at his home park in Borken, Germany. Our backers came up with a list of (nearly) impossible tricks, and Eugen and Daniel got to work. The scariest part of the project was getting an email back 24 hours later saying he already wrapped filming. 

We sat with bated breath for the next several days while the editing and video took shape. Finally we got a preview of what the two of them put together for our subscribers and the world. I don't want to spoil anything in the video, but Eugen is the complete embodiment of a professional. He possesses some of the most technical skating I've ever witnessed. And deep in his core, he just loves to skate. You can see it as it seeps form every pour of his person. During our prep work for this project, he loved the work we were doing so much that he invited Jonas Hansson onboard to do an interview with us for his Elite Series #2 video. If you haven't picked up a copy of it, please do so here. Easily the VOD and section of the year, and possibly more than that!

So here it is, Crowd Funded #1. This is only the beginning of our adventure. If you haven't subscribed to our Patreon, click the link here and become a backer to help support future projects. Together, we can help shape the future of rollerblading. You can always help beyond our project by supporting you local skate shops, buying VODs, supporting your favorite professionals, and getting new people to skate. We've only scratched the surface on how far we plan to take this. Come join us for the ride.

Thank you to Eugen Enin, Daniel Enin, Borklyn Zoo, USD Skates, Kizer Hardgoods, UnderCover Wheels, and every one of our backers for this project.

Our Backers For This Project

  • Chase Bauer
  • Lee Jacobs
  • Brandon Andersen
  • Brett Lamoureux
  • Brett White
  • Connor Murphy
  • Tri Tri-Rudolf
  • Travis Stewart
  • Joey Mcgarry
  • Dustin Jamieson
  • David Dodge
  • Ryan Loewy
  • Andrew Hursey

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