Patrick Andersen - Razors Shift | Edit & Interview

Patrick and Brandon reached out to us only days after the Razors Shift was announced, and even before they had them on hand themselves. They said they'd be filming a promo for the skates, and would love to connect with our site to share this. Below is the fruits of their labor. We had a chance to catch up and chat with the two of them about the skates, the setup for filming, and life all the same. Be sure to check out the interview and photos below.

Summers in Georgia are not something to be taken lightly, the weather is very spontaneous and you never know what mother nature is going to throw at you next.  

Patrick and myself both put in a huge amount of effort to make this project come together so quick (over the course of 4 days). A mix between him not falling on a single trick and myself having a vision for how I wanted this piece to come out made the process so much easier. We both were motivated to make everything right and some tricks were done three and four times so we could get a slow motion angle on the Zhiyun Gimbal or so we could capture a photo for promotional needs.

Carrying roughly 25lbs of gear in the midst of a Georgia summer definitely had it’s challenges but, we were out for perfection and nothing was going to stop us!

Filmed on Location in: Dunwoody, Macon, Grayson, and LilburnShot on Sony fs100 & Sony a6300 (Zhiyun Crane V2)

Shot and Edited by: Brandersen


So lets talk about this project. What made you both want to make this edit?

P: A lot of Instagram edits. haha. I saw people kept posting those 60 second clips of how the skate works, but no one was posting clips of how the skate skated. That was the main reason for sure.


What's your overall thought on this new skate? Is there anything you like about it? Anything you don't like about it? Do you have any constructive criticisms or anything along those lines?

P: Dude, it's a solid skate; best Razors skate to come out for sure. It feels like the cuff is really the best of both worlds. It's a combination of the best parts of the Gen and SL cuff. The forward flex and the side to side flex are perfect. I've never been able to true topsoul a curve ledge so easily. I was able to do them pretty much every try due to the flex in the skate. The release system is also great. Yeah, not everyone skates big frames, but the best part is how fast you can switch out the frames and soul plates in general.

Are you riding the skate with the two extra bolts in it or just the two buttons to hold the slider on?

P: Without the bolts. No issues what so ever.

So what kind of setups do you have for the Shifts? Like big wheel or anything else?

P: I'm about to get a big wheel setup, but right now I just have the Featherlight 3 setup that comes stock.

Is there anything you dislike about the skates at all?

P: Nothing I can think of. I haven't personally found anything.

B: I'd even skate 'um. It's a sleek looking skate.


I guess my biggest beef is having to ride the big boy shells again. 

P: Yeah, I guess that was something I was worried about since I like to ride the 6/7, but the 8's fit just like the 6/7. 

So as far as the video goes, this is really high quality, and these days quality seems to not be the objective with most of these online edits. I saw the edit over the weekend before we published this, and the quality was off the charts. Brandon, I heard you got a new rig since you wrapped filming Moments in Time and wanted to know what you're currently filming with and what ideas you brought into this project.

B: I've actually had this rig for about a year and a half now. Moments was shot with just the HVX and I wasn't trying to have more than one camera in the final video. So we filmed this project with a Sony FS100 and a Sony A6300. The A6300 is setup on a gimble which is what we used for all the slow motion in the edit. I just really wanted to push myself as much as Patrick did for this edit. I feel like this wasn't my standard work. 


Patrick Andersen - AO Topporn - Photo by Brandon Andersen


It definitely was different, but in a very good way from our point of view. It's the quality product we'd always like to see in any time invested edits coming out.

B: Well it's about 25 pounds worth of gear, so it's not super ideal for the streets. Haha. Although we did film Adam's Sic Urethane edit with the same rig.

So coming off of Moments in Time to this project, did that change anything in your post production workflow as well?

B: It was basically the same process, just a lot more gigabytes. 

P: One clip is like way over a gig.

B: Yeah, just in one day of filming, which is what, 5 or 6 clips. 86 Gigabytes just off one camera. 

So wait, is this shooting like a raw 4k image?

B: No, it's just 1080. The setup has an external monitor that has it's own memory system, and the clips are recorded via HDMI to it. I'm not sure on all the technical stuff, but it comes out way better recording to that than recording directly to the camera.


Patrick Andersen - BS Fastslide to Fakie - Photo by Brandon Andersen


It definitely looks super good and super clean, and this is one on Youtube that you have to switch to 1080 and let it load. If your trying to watch this edit on 240, just get off the internet. Haha. So what else is happening in Atlanta? What's the next project for the two of you?

P: Yeah, we're working on my street edit. Just stacking heavy on that right now.

B: We're kinda taking a break I guess from a larger scale project right now. We'll probably just start dabbling in the online world and taking a break from a full length video right now.

Dabbling in the online world? So you're both going to start playing World of Warcraft, is that what you're saying?

Both: Hahahaha

B: Nah, definitely not. Just not trying to jump into anything major right now.


Patrick Andersen - Truespin Negative Pornstar - Photo by Branden Andersen


So the A-Town Stomp just happened on Saturday. Did either of you skate in it or film it?

P: I guess you can say I competed, but I wasn't really able to skate. That gap at the end of my edit, I messed my ankle up doing a 180. I landed and both of my feet turned inwards and rolled my ankle. On top of that too, I have a blister. I was doing good in the morning, and skated the first spot, but we were skating from spot to spot and by the time I got to the rail spot, I was done.

B: They had a really neat concept this year for the whole contest. I didn't film it, I just experienced it this year. So all three spots were on this thing called the "Beltline" which is just basically a multi use path around the city, and all of the spots were visible from the Beltline. So there was a lot of outside eyes on us this year that wouldn't normally see rollerblading. 

P: Yeah, we got to the third spot, there was probably what, 100 bikers that just stopped and watched?

The third spot was the van?

Both: Yeah

P: That spot was amazing. I wish I had been able to skate it. I did skate it for a moment, it had like a wall ride setup with a gap in the middle. I did a wallride to wallride and landed and my ankle gave out, and that was about it for me. 

Whats the story with the car every year? They seem to always bring a car or a boat every year into the contest. 

P: So this year, Pull-a-Part sponsored it. Carson [Starnes] was saying that this year they asked if they could have a car for the contest since it was going to get demolished anyways. So they said he could but they still wanted it back since they would still demolish it for scrap. So they let them pick whatever they wanted in the scrapyard as long as it came back.

B: *interjecting* Do you realize how messed up Gumby is?


B: So second spot, he tries to AO soul this, just dies. He trashes his shoulder or does something to his collar bone. So he's skating the van, in a sling, and every time he's jumping off it he's holding his arm and grabbing his arm in pain. 

P: Towards the end, he was trying to do AO soul to fakie backflip off the van. They ended up calling it on him because no one wanted to watch him get even more hurt. Not to mention that first first spot is this really cool curved ledge, and this dude is trying to grind the grimiest stone ledge I've ever seen in my life that was never even waxed.

B: Gumby is on another level.


Patrick Andersen - Mute - Photo by Brandon Andersen


P: Oh hey, this is good to include. Did you talk to Long at all about his Shifts?

No, I didn't. Did he have a pair? 

P: No, something happened with his order, and he only got like 1/3 of the skates he ordered from USPS or UPS. So I was telling him I was trying to start this edit and get it done before anyone else. He said he had some 9's for me, which would be huge, but I said screw it and lets do it. I actually skated a size 9 for that entire edit, and I'm pretty sure that why I got a blister and everything. I just got my size 8 liner on Thursday before the Stomp.

B: Yeah you were fighting like every trick at the end there.

P: Yeah, like the last day I wanted to get one more trick, and I couldn't even skate because of the blister. It was that bad.

B: That's why progress got slow at the end. 

P: And even crazier than that, we looked back at all the footage and notice that I didn't fall, like even once. 

B: There were misses and stuff, but not a single fall.

P: I did not hit the ground. Haha


But you did that 180 and messed up you ankle right? The drop into the bowl? 

P: I still landed it though!

B: Yeah, he rolled away.

Woah, Ok, that's crazy! Well hey guys, I don't wanna keep you both any longer. Thanks for reaching out to me about this project and letting us kick it off for you. 

P: Thanks for doing my first interview! Haha

Totally, Pat! Can't wait to see your next street profile when you guys wrap that up at some point in the future. For now if you wanna check out Patrick's street section or more of Brandon's work, be sure to snag Moments in Time. Featuring 30 minutes of high class blading for an easy $5. You can download it at the link below. Hopefully I'll catch you both in Atlanta later this summer!