Seba Seufferheld - Seis De Bastos

In February 2016 we released SEIS DE BASTOS.
Now, after a year ago we are going to be uploading the video section by section every week. 
If you haven’t seen the full length you can still still download it here:

Shot during 2 years across Spain, Denmark, England, Sweden and Norway.
A 73 minutes flick. Shot by Marc Moreno, Chris Dafick, Adriá Saa and Seba Seufferheld.Edited by Marc Moreno.

Featuring: Adria Saa, Brian Bina, Carson Starnes, Chris Dafick, Leon Humphries, Brian Bina, Chris Dafick, Jona Seufferheld, Kåre Lindberg, Seba Seufferheld & Marc Moreno

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