Dan Collins is Focused | Be-Mag Interview

"I was shit-talking quite loudly at this year’s Winterclash, trying to hock gear at the almost unbranded Be-Mag Shop booth (a term I use very loosely) , trying to get as many people over to check out the stuff we had there. Even though we haven’t met before, I recognized Dan Collins and tried to get him over, asking him what I could do to take some money off his hands, and he said something along the lines of „There’s nothing you can do to have my money, mate“. I was a fan of his skating even before that little exchange, but now I knew I had to talk to the man and see what he is about. And the opportunity arose sooner than later, as he gave the rollerblading world more things to talk about. His new Loco Skates section, his departure from Adapt and his decision to speak out publicly about his path to sobriety. As this is his first major interview for Be-Mag, we started with the basics to roll things off." - Josip Jagic