Skate Talks #8 - Anthony Finocchiaro

Anthony Finocchiaro is a 30 year old French pro skater, tattoo artist and videographer who grew up skating in Marseille, in the south of France. When he was 20 years old he moved to Paris where a few years later he started helping SEBA producing their marketing media. The time went by anthony started collecting more and more hats inside SEBA, but whats he up to nowadays?
In this interview Anthony talks about all this and a lot more.

Hope you enjoy this 105 minute talk with one of the most influential skating individuals in 2017.

00:54 - are your guests prepared it wait?
01:28 - Barcelona
02:00 - Berlin Marathon
03:25 - what do you really do with SEBA inline skates?
05:20 - Can our passion affect the way we work in the skating industry?
06:55 - did you studied video?
12:35 - I was the only aggressive skater working at SEBA
16:33 - 12:35 - I was the only aggressive skater working at SEBA (part 2)
17:30 - why did seba invested so much in aggressive skating when they first started?
21:50 - skaters were taken as idiots for many years because products sucked.
22:00 - what sponsors did you have before?
25:00 - people forget to learn about the skating industry
26:00 - its really hard to make skate molds for each size.
33:27 - why are some SEBA skates expensive
35:30 - SEBA skates for kids.
36:25 - why starting a youtube channel
39:00 - party lifestyle
40:20 - Gimbals and camera stabilisers.
46:10 - check our instagram Stories @the_finch and @ricardolino
47:40 - i like to Skate everything!
49:05 - you need to see the competition to develop products better
56:20 - skating is also business and has business man behind
58:00 - Skating Drunk with Santiago and two UK kids in Paris
59:10 - second interruption - MEGA SORRY!
59:40 - 24 hours are no enough!
59:50 - Inline skating or blading? (AGAIN)
1:06:10 - the aggressive skater will be the best freeskater
1:10:00 - Mushroom blading seba // Carbon seba with external liner, will it be released worldwide?
1:14:20 - whats the problem between you and Stephane Alfano
1:32:30 - leave us questions in the comments for a part 2.
1:33:30 - the Finch YouTube Vlogs and YouTube Algorithm


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