TruSpin Podcast #8 - Geoff Acers

This is the man behind the scenes at Sunshine Distribution, he is the swiss army knife of jobs and titles for Sunshine, he is the part of the engine that keeps this always shifting skate company moving forward. He is always on the move with company and cutting edge of the industry. We get to hear his coming from Texas to California for Razors story, the Shift skate development and a whole lot more. 

Talking Points

  • Razor Skate co
  • USD '98 Team
  • USD Tour Video
  • Sponsor Me tapes
  • Westchester, PA to TX
  • Oshman's
  • Getting the Razors Job
  • Shima, Elliot & Dunkle era
  • Aragon
  • Razor Shift Skate Development
  • Razor Shift Specs
  • Tumors on RB Dirks
  • Louie Zamora
  • Big Jeans
  • Senate Wide Jeans
  • Cuffed Jeans at heal
  • DYI Frames
  • The Up Turn