Sam Crofts on USD VII

USD’s British ambassador Sam Crofts takes the 2017 VII’s for a test drive round the Mile End plaza in East London. Filmed and edited by Tom Sharman.

Sam Crofts on USD VII - USD Skates

The VII is a very good skate for beginners and pros alike, as it possesses all the features of the expensive “big brothers” – comfortable liner, all wearing parts are replaceable and low weight.

The combination of the cuff and shell provides the optimum balance of support and flexibility, which can be regulated with the buckle on the cuff itself. The new soulplate is a new version of the highly popular carbon souplate with a new groove.

More about the VII skate:

For 2017 we are relaunching the VII skate with a reworked soulplate, more solid and supportive than before. The VII is an affordable, comfortable and reliable hardboot skate that is gaining popularity year after year