2017 TNT Park and St. Gallen Street Comp - by Tyriek Gibson

I filmed both contest in July back to back and decided to combine them because i have very little time. I could have rendered them both separate but im a lazy fuck so...yeah. Enjoy.

1st Location Oberesslingen Germany - TNT Shred Park Contest (near Stuttgart) 8 July

@ 3:15
2nd Location St. Gallen Switzerland - St. Gallen Street Contest on 22 July

1st Artist/Song The Murder City Devils - Rum to Whiskey murderbydeath.bandcamp.com/track/rum-to-whiskey-by-murder-city-devils-2

2nd Artist/Song Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka amazon.com/Lords-Of-The-Underground/e/B000AQ2AFC

3rd Artist/Song The Residents - Would We Be Alive


TNT Shred
1 Beat Schillmeier
2 Maximilian Heid
3 Lucas Landthaler

1 Phil Aznar
2 Felix Geißler
3 Dario Tassone
Girls Winner: Leana Wirth 

Best Trick: Michael Muller 

St.Gallen Rollerblading Street Contest
1 Beat Schillmeier
2 Fehlmann Jan
3 Karmi Schäfer

1 Adriano Landsberg
2 Mael Huguelet
3 Benj Wehrli

Best Trick
Beat Schillmeier