Farewell Dusted | Earl Abrahams for XSJADO Skates

Long time Xsjado supporter and South African super skater Earl Abrahams teams up with Greg Fraser for a topnotch au revoir to Xsjado´s last release, the XSJADO FAREWELL skate. Get those blades in your favorite skate shop as long as they are available.

Visit http://www.usd-skate.com for the future resurrection / transformation of Xsjado to Shadow under the umbrella of USD skates.

Farewell dusted - Earl Abrahams for XSJADO Skates

Skater: Earl Abrahams

Skates: Xsjado Farewell PB with Kizer Level 3.1 frames

Video: Greg Fraser (Subscribe to his YouTube account right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkgI... )

Location: Capetown, South Africa