Hanglosers - Bucketlist Tour Cali | Nobody Knows 3

The Hanglosers Bucketlisttour California. Probably the best trip I have ever done with so many memories, tricks and laughs. Filmed in: San Francisco, Scotts valley, Los Angeles, Woodward, Lake Dolores Waterpark, Las Vegas and San Diego.

Skaters: Peter Kallio, Gabriel Gök, Sheldon Lapointe, Samuel Cabezas, Igor Jovanovic, John Lönngren, Matthias St John, Jon Fromm, Logan Stell Fowell, G-L Joe, Noah Newber and Richie Velasquez.

Filmed by: John Lönngren, Samuel Cabezas and Igor Jovanovic. Mostly with Sony a7sII and a7II.

This is Funcity, an abandoned water park in Varberg Sweden. Found this place on the web the summer of 2017 and got the idea of going in there and film some drone footage and do an edit.

At first I didn't thought about it as an combined art montage and rollerblading edit. Wished I found this place when it shut down in 2012 when everything were still fresh so the waterslides could be skated, now they are really sketchy and falling apart.

Skaters: Ayoub El-Gharib Peter Kallio Linus Hellström

Music: Kai Engel - Highway to the stars

Thanks To: Allgott & Villgott and FunCity.