Dallas Goes Camping by Jason Renya | CORT 2017

Sorry for the delay, but I opted to make a video of our trip instead of just a skate video. Plenty of skating still, but there's also the random parts of our trip. Shot by Troy Maimone, John Sullivan, and Jason Reyna with additional filming from Ryan Rasmussen. Featuring the Dallas Boys - John Sullivan, Troy Maimone, Wes Phelan, Ryan Rasmussen, and Jason Reyna with Tory Treseder, Jon Julio, Andrew Broom, Mick Casals, Jeremy Spira, and more!

Time Codes

06:24 skating officially starts Vista, CO

07:55 Edwards, CO

14:52 Leadville, CO

19:08 Buenavista, CO

23:32 Snow Mass, CO

Track List

the 129ers - Brazilian Disappearance

the 129ers - Sunburn Salvation Silent Partner

Get Back Up Audionautix - Rubix Cube

Silent Partner - I Want More

Puddle of Infinity - We Will Be