Double Feature: Classic Australian Skate Videos

Former Australian pro Iain Smith has been uploading a few classic Australian skate videos and we thought what better way to start the week than with a double feature. So kick back and enjoy The Yellow Brick Road (‘97) and Festival of Madness featuring some true legends of the Australian skate scene.

The Yellow Brick Road

hh-productions presents the yellow brick road.

The menu for your trip down "the yellow brick road" has been selected from the finest skaters from melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane in Australia and Palmerston Nth in New Zealand.

Music featured Area 7, Big Charlie, Craw, Egg the Mountain, Incline, Kaleidavibe, Slipheed, Thermal Skunk Rust.

Breakfast: Chris McMullen, Matt Slaerno, Garth Murray, Hans Donovan, Simon Ruse, Cameron Lee, Jodie Tyler

Lunch: Brenton Klimecki, Jordan Clark, Manuel Billrisi, Tash Hodgson, Luke Turner, Robbie Richards, Sam Fogarty.

Dinner: Tim Ward, Anthony Overell, Tom Sampson, Iain Smith, Paul Williams, Josh Clarke, Harley Imber, plus more

Dessert: Feature of the '97 AISC and the Australian leg of the IISS, featureing Jon julio, Hamish McCrae, Andy Cruz, Taig Chris.

Festival of Madness

Journey with us again as we explore the madness that makes up Australian Inline Skating. Sit back, relax, and watch the next stage of the evolution unfold before your eyes. We'll introduce you to the newest bands, the newest tricks, and the newest skaters, as well as the ons you already know and love.

Band List:

Gilgamesh, The Strange, Pablo Percusso, One Inch Punch, Vicious Circle, Litzz Babies, Hammondss, Disneyfist, No reason, Quad Box, Dirtbone, Crank.

Featuring: Cesar Mora, Matt Salerno, Tim Ward, Jordan Clark, Josh Pinkus, Ben Cornwall, Scott Crawford, Dion Anthony, Tom Fry, Iain Smith, Manual Billirus, Leigh Cooper, Luke Kennedy, Scott and Matt Dixon, Toby Heslop, Reece Moon, Mark Maher, Paul Krou, Tom Sampson, Chris Malia, Harley Imber, Ben Cooper, John Marsh, Adam Diakowsky, Warren Ball and many more...

Produced by Noisy Minority & Force 10 Pictures

Producer: @TonyIlbery -

Director of Photography: Richard Rowley

Box Art:

Box art for both videos provided by Iain Smith.

Box art for both videos provided by Iain Smith.