Nights & Weekends Uncut - April 2017

Nights & Weekends is a full length skate video based out of NYC that premiered at Anthology Film Archive on April 1st, 2018.

I’m always a fan of long form B-Roll videos when I see them, so I always try to make a point to create one for every video I make. The skating-set-to-music format will probably always be the way I cut my videos, but in my opinion nothing communications the time, place, sights, sounds, frustrations, laughs, distractions, excitement, and the overall total randomness that you encounter on your average street session the way a long form video does.

We released Nights & Weekends in April of this year, twelve months after Augusto and I started filming for it. We shot so much footage that I decided the best way to present this B-Roll was to break it up into more digestible pieces. So we’ll be releasing each month of filming as it’s own video. Here are some moments we experienced in the month of April.” - Mike Torres via Facebook