Jet Lag Disciples - Victoria

The Jet Lag Disciples first film, Victoria, is now available. Join the adventure as they travel across the globe to descend into Hong Kong, China. Skating for 10 days straight, fighting sickness, rain, humidity, falls, and drinking way to much Pocari Sweat. The crew was able to film almost every day they were there and bring us a fresh video from a place that few have traveled to before. Join the likes of Jarrod Banning, Jon Fromm, Pascal Tan, Evert Lubja, and plenty more as they take over the far east.

Blader Union wants to thank our Patreon subscribers for helping us support the video and be able to bring the Jet Lag Disciples vision to life. through the subscription of our backers we were able to donate money to the adventure to help fund the riders getting around Hong Kong.

If you have the ability, please consider picking up a high quality T Shirt or donating to the group. A portion of the proceeds from donations and T Shirt sales goes directly to Blading Camp to help sponsor a rider to an upcoming camp. For more information, to check out the rider bios, photos, and tour recap, check out the Jet Lag Disciples website at the link below, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.