Winterclash Real Quick w/ The Homies | Bank-LDN

Annually, the city of Eindhoven has become the venue of what can only be described as the world's most important skate festival. Prior to this year, Winterclash had created then surpassed benchmarks of what a skate event could or should be. Winterclash being defined as a skate competition is way off. 

There has always been a diverse representation of nationalities.  Area 51 skatepark was outstanding in its colour and respect of the flags of the world.  I was told that a record 47 nationalities are represented this year. The quality of venue, industry marketplace and bespoke skate obstacles have evolved through support from the wider community and careful planning of the event's organisers. 

Continue this amazing piece over at Bank-LDN. It's well worth the read, video, and the photography is stunning.