Blader Union Presents Shredpool in SWORDS

A few months ago we approached Shredpool about collaborating on an edit to coincide with the one year anniversary of Blader Union.

We wanted to give Shredpool free reign to do what he liked with this profile while putting up money to help him cover the expense of maintaining his costumes so he can continue to produce hilarious content that not only entertains the rollerblading community but resonates with people of all ages outside of our sport.

The end result was SWORDS. An edit that was inspired by and pays homage to Dustin Latimer’s legendary skating in Brain Fear Gone, WORDS, Bang!, and Accidental Machines.

On the subject of skating his car in this edit Shredpool said: “I knew that grinding my car was ill advised as a man in my 30’s who is not looking to junk it. But the car was gifted to me by my family after my grandmother passed and I thought it would be cool to dedicate the section to her and my grandfather, and to use the gift in such a fun, cool, way while also honoring the vibe of DL’s WORDS section, which for me, was ‘material things do not make you…’