Jeph Howard - Rare Winter | VOD

With summer here and the temps rising, most would be ready for this months ago, but the north west was not struggling. With weather in the 60's, the sun shinning, and mild rain, Jeph was able to get out with Carter Leblanc more then enough to compile something they can be proud of for years to come. 

Jeph now in recovery mode from extensive wrist surgery and new born on the way, he will be on a short leave for some well needed recovery time after he had an amazing winter skating out in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland with all the Chance of Rain boys, especially Carter. With the VX1000 in hand, he has create something beautiful once again. 

So enjoy this piece that both of them are very proud of for what you choose. We want you to view it no matter what your willing to give or not. This one is for us and for everyone out there that has put their life into skating. This is everything to us and we are just thankful to share what they have created. 

(Make sure to get Chance of Rain 2 by Carter Leblanc, featuring amazing skating from some amazing skaters 
Filmed and Edited by: Carter Leblanc
Additional Filming by: 
Josiah Blee
Jame Truitt
Dustin Spengler
Derek Brown
Pat Stevens
Stephen Babcock
Neil Christenson

Music: The Animals - Its All over Now, Baby Blue

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