WRT$ Year - WRTS Gang

About a year ago, we dropped our first park edit, which was the start of WRT$ — a family of Ukrainian bladers. During our first year under the new name, we made few more park deals, but we never stopped stacking street footage. Here's what we have to share after a year, enjoy! #WRTSgang

Max Irzhanenko, Daniel Goncharov, Vadim Demidov, Rost Ignatenko, Ivan Kovtun, Vladimir Kocherga, Alex Kuzmenko, Andrew Morozow, Artem Denysenko, Igor Bezugliy, Vladimir Prudkiy, Andrew Traylor, Nikita Syzonenko, Margarita Demidova, Vitaliy Timoshenko, Eugen Enin.

Filmed mostly in Kyiv and Kharkiv. instagram.com/WRTSgang facebook.com/WRTSgang vk.com/WRTSgang