Parkbattles 2018 | Official DBE Edit

On the 10th of February the Park Battles took place at skatepark Rotterdam. The vibe was great, the people skated so good en the locals completely destroyed the park, it was good.

This edition was again a huge success and a lot of great skating took place at this event. This is the official dutch blade events edit.



1. Nick Selders
2. Poema Kitseroo
3.Laus Valk
4. Sander van Haute (BE)
5. Duncan Roesink


1. Grazyna Wratny (BE)
2. Jenciane Keupon (FR)
3. Aniek Kerkhofs


1. Randy Zoller
2. Stefan Selders
3. Donny Zoller
4. Rodney van der Burg
5. Calvin van Vliet


1. Sem Croft
2. Jelle Briggeman
3. Aaron Turner (UK)
4. Jaro Frijn
5. Jo Zenk (GER)
6. Stefan Selders ( AM wildcard)
7. Francis Ali (BE)
8. Bobi Spassov (ISR)
9. Tony Potch - Antony Pottier   (BE)
10. Erik Droogh
11. Donny Zoller ( AM wildcard)

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