Just a Scratch - The Scum Co | VOD

We converted the southernscum van into a camper & hit the road. The initial goal was to loop the east coast, across the southern border, then move into the west. As you can see, we got some skating done. Documented with an iPhone and one scratched death lens. Along the way, the VX21k came out a few times to capture footage of the homies along the way. But, every now & then, we whipped out the lens to catch a piece for this project.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the edit & or donated to the cause. You can pay what you want below and help keep the van rolling.

The originally planned route was driven, yet we still find ourselves in the van. Who knows where this journey will lead us. Regardless, we will do what we can to promote the longevity of rollerblading.

Hope you enjoy the deal. (TITLE ART BY ELLIOT FELTNER) Look out for At Least A Piece via fall 2018.