Jo Zenk and Eugen Enin - Aaseekink Session

Jo Zenk MNSTR BLADE section Extra #1 Eugen & Jo Aaseekink session

During the beginning of the sections filming process Eugen and myself enjoyed this rail together while his brother Daniel was there to capture it.

One short session left us with many clips that ended up split in different projects.

Eugen and Daniel had been in town a few weeks after Abriss II where Eugen injured his shoulder badly. We went out to get some VX shots of mine for their then upcoming VOD `'Zoo Revolution´'. We got that and Eugen couldn’t resist and joined the game. Energy was up and he ended up giving me some clips in return for MNSTR BLADE from which I got inspired to catch the energy and collect a clip for my section too.

One of the best sessions I ever had. Energy super high and nobody got hurt even tho we had some weird bails. A very nice memory it is that I have of this session and I get soaked back into this moment when I see it again.

thanks Eugen & Daniel

thanks everyone supporting, watching, caring - Jo Zenk