Josiah Blee 2019 by Carter LeBlanc

Video by Carter LeBlanc & words by Sam Asken via GoFundMe:

Josiah Blee has been killing it for well over a decade, coming on to the scene as a child in the Hyphy videos Josiah has been putting out a steady stream of mind blowing content ever since. Unfortunately, filming as much as he does and skating as hard as he does comes with a price. For years Josiah has been battling a serious knee injury that has forced him to frequently take breaks from skating to rest and rehab, as well as causing him severe pain and making it harder for him to work. Recently it has gotten to the point where there is no other option other than surgery. 

Josiah was diagnosed with a multidirectional tear in the lateral meniscus, vertical tear in the posterior meniscus, and sprained ACL. This causes his knee to lock up and swell constantly which can be excruciatingly painful. Josiah is set to have surgery on January 25. After surgery he will be rehabbing for 2-3 months and in that time he won't be able to work. Covering the costs of the surgery would be impossible but with help from this go fund me we can help him have a little breathing room to get through the rehab process without losing his apartment and making sure he can eat and have other basic necessities. The goal for this go fund me is $5,000. The surgery plus rehab and the cost of not working for 2-3 months is going to cost upwards of $20,000 but with help we can make Josiah' life a little less stressful and get him back on the road to skating again. 

For those of you who know Josiah you know how much he loves skating. Not just the act of skating but watching skating, talking about skating, thinking about skating (the guy has a fucking notebook where he writes down flatrail switch ups so he doesn't forget. He's showed me some of them, they are impossible and I have no doubt that he's going to do them). Every time he's out skating he's bringing positivity to the session. I can't tell how many clips he's almost ruined by screaming at the top of his lungs right next to the camera as soon as somebody lands a trick. 

There's a good chance if you've been to Seattle on a skate trip you've stayed with him. Josiah and his family have been housing homies on skate trips for over a decade whether it be people visit Skate Barn for barn burner RIP or the jabronies that just rolled off his couch last week❤️. Josiah has alway been down to throw down an air mattress or fold out a couch so that people could come, skate the city and have a good time. 

Long story short, Josiah need our help so he can get back to skating at 100%. And if you're like me you want to see the shit that he can do at 100%. 

Donate what you can to help a brother out and if you don't have the funds it's all good just enjoy his latest edit.