Collin Martin's Section From Grombé Is Now Available For Free

Collin Martin shared his thoughts on his section from the grombé VOD with Blader Union:

I feel very fortunate to be able to travel to Sacramento from Chicago once every month or so for work because on some evenings I am able to meet up with Casey Bagozzi, Sean Keane, David Hirt, Jeff Jackson and others in the Ringbone crew to skate. It's always fun. So much fun that I, honestly, didn't even realize I was filming for a part. One day Casey, asked ‘You wanna see your piece? I think it's almost done’ or something like that. ‘What?? I got a piece?? You filming a video?’ We filmed 3 or 4 more clips and this is what we got. Somehow this was the easiest, least stressful parts I've ever made. And I like it. I want to skate more. Thanks for this Casey.”

“On grombé (pronounced however you want because it's a fictional word Casey says he made up): If we're being honest, it seems to me that we hear of a video being a "homie" video and we sometimes may need to fight the assumption that its probably not a ‘banger.’ grombé is an exception. While watching the video, consider the fact that almost everyone in the video skates together on a semi-regular basis. It's pretty unreal. No offense but it’s very likely that your crew is nowhere near as diversely talented as the one featured in this video. “ 

grombé is a rollerblading video based out of Sacramento, CA.
Featuring Sean Keane, Casey Bagozzi, Jeff Jackson, Collin Martin, John Vossoughi, Korey Waikiki and friends.