Winterclash 2018 - Butter TV

“Past, Present, Future.”

Eindhoven, Netherlands - February 16-17th 2018. Our first Winterclash and it was everything you could imagine and more. No video or photo can ever do this event justice—it is truly something you should experience at least once in your life. As always with every event: good vibes all around with people from all over the world. Beers, cheers, and amazing skating. Tons of respect to Jojo and co. for organizing and bringing us these huge events for 15 years. Aside from watching everyone tear through Area 51 skate park, we were also treated to different panel discussions supporting the theme of this year’s clash. Afterwards, most of us would stop in at the Blue Collar hotel next door where we’d continue the celebration over many drinks only to do it all again the next day. Rather than going on and on about how great of a time we had—how about we just see you at the next one? CHEERS!