This Week in Blade Ep. 5

Covering everything dope happening in blading this week

- Roces 5th Elements Announcement
- Akerue Desings Aluminum Frame

- Rollerbladers at the Braille House
- ButterTv BladingCup 2019
- Montre Livingston at the OSO Skatepark with USD Sways
- Nils Jansons Roces Pro Skate Promo
- One Mag’s Just Blade 2
- Raclette Jam 2019
- TooEasy x Razors Boltless Future

Winterclass 2019
- Filthy Fiesta 2
- OneLuxuryBrand x Gold Comp Box Jam

- Tais Colares Gram Edit
- Alex Sams Planter Box
- Dima Makrushin for VISELOVO X