Be-Mag's Company Profile on Blader Union


“Throughout rollerblading’s history, it has seen a handful of media outlets, and with the times, the level, quality and consistency of its journalism has fluctuated. At its beginnings, print was the ultimate source of any and all information, yet 30 years later it seems more of a luxury. In its place are a handful of online outlets, but one that has seemed to shine with authenticity in its approach has to be that of Blader Union. Founded by Travis Stewart and Daniel Nodzak, the two began their efforts in May of 2017 as a new, one-stop shop for all your media needs. The road hasn’t been easy, but the two are solidifying the standard of approach for modern day reportage. Utilizing a Patreon system to fund their endeavors, they’ve created countless pieces to further the growth of blading as well as define what can be done on the media’s end in terms of cultivating the industry. With Travis on his way to this year’s Winterclash to cover the epic event for a second year in a row via live stream, I sat down with Daniel to get an understanding of the media outlet’s origins and what their plans are for the future.” - Ryan Loewy