Blading Cup 2018 - ButterTV

“Rollerblading is still the most amazing thing in the world. Take this vibe we’re feeling right now, take it home with you all year and we’ll see you guys at Blading Cup 2019.” —Matt Mickey

Santa Ana, California - November 2nd-3rd, 2018. Two full days of skating in sunny downtown Santa Ana at the East End surrounded by skaters/spectators from all over the world. 180 participants from 18 different countries, vendors from your favorite companies, plenty of food and drink options, and two cinema premieres after each night of skating. An event that has been going strong for nine years and still running that brings nothing short of a good time. Again, it’s one of those events where videos and photos don’t do enough justice—you really have to come and enjoy the experience in person. Huge thanks to Jon Julio and Co. for putting together another great year of Blading Cup. CHEERS!