Rob Harrington Takes A Closer Look At G Boots

Rob gives you a closer look at the new G Boots, a premium skinned boot brand from Spain. Learn more about the quality and fit of the G Boots skins and check out the newest custom Soul Plates and Element 2 Frame Sliders from Andrew at King Souls.
Setup Info:
Boot: Size 41/42 7.5/8US 2017 USD Clan VII
Boot Skins: G Boots
Frames: Kizer Element 2
Soul Plates: Custom King Souls
Frame Sliders: Custom, King Souls
Liners: Myfit Crown Liner
Bearings: 50/50 Brand Outer
Wheels: Go Project CJ 62mm Inner Wheels: Eulogy Metatron 54mm/88a
Laces: Adapt Brand Waxed Laces