Best of Briggs at Kanawha Plaza - Michael Briggs

“For over a decade, Kanawha Plaza, aka "Bum Park" was my go-to spot for filming tricks in Richmond when I couldn't find anything else. It was aesthetically appealing (lol to me at least) and had obstacles that just don't exist anywhere else around here. For years, ledges were among those obstacles that didn’t exist anywhere else. One night in the middle of winter, i got a random call to meet some friends there and we ended up smoothing down the ledges there with masonry bricks and spraying them down with clear coat lacquer, thus creating Richmond's first bust-free ledge spot. Anyway here are my favorite tricks that i managed to do there before the city leveled the park three years ago. I thought that putting them chronological order would show how much my tastes in skating changed over the course of 10 years but it kind of looks like i was always just a wierdo.” - Michael Briggs