SOLA X TBJP X DEAD Abriss V Collaboration Promo

“We always imagined the ideal street competition to be free of charge and free of paper work. Still, we strongly believe the winner of Abriss deserves a monetary reward for the effort made.
So far we have been working with a registration fee to raise a decent prize money. Last year the 300€ from the registration have been doubled by the profit we made from the sale of Abriss shirts. The fact that a considerable amount of money was funded by our audience and community made us very happy. Considering the state of the industry, the number of sales, we understand that providing large sums for prize money is a lot to ask of the brands we are working with. But at the same time we believe it shouldn't become a standard that, where money is needed, it is solely based on donations from the community.
We are happy to announce that this year, with your help, we can get rid of the registration altogether. Sola Equipment, The Blackjack Project and Dead Wheels have collaborated to create this unique setup. The total of the proceeds will go towards the winner of the 5th edition of Abriss Berlin. Buying it, you become the co-funder of the prize pot and you will own one the first two ever Sola X TBJP frames. For you, that's a one(two)-of-a-kind setup. For us, it's a dream come true, of an event, where you can just put your blades and sesh."
- Jonas Rogge, Abriss Berlin


Video: Yoboysen
Promotional photography: Dominik Wagner