Wheel Scene Interviews Grant Hazelton on His Journey of Discovery


“Rollerblading is going through a wonderful phase at the moment, where certain individuals who have been lingering in the background are finally getting their time to shine. Grant Hazelton is a prime example. We have been aware of his impressive skills for a while now, thanks to numerous online edits by Mike Torres dating back the better part of a decade, but in the past couple of years it feels like Grant is at last getting the recognition he deserves. After two standout sections in Torres’ most recent full-length videos, One For The Road and Nights & Weekends, Grant’s stature within the community has risen significantly. He also boasts a decent selection of sponsors, with endorsements from Kaltik, Roces and most recently joining the Oak City Skate Shop team. It seems like there is not a week that passes that we are not treated to some new footage from the New York native on Instagram and he has been travelling to almost every major international blading event for the past six months. It’s pretty clear that his blading is gaining momentum and we have been trying to lock down an interview with him for months, but Jump Street Podcast swooped in and beat us to it. We should resent them for this, but it actually just made the job of quizzing him a little easier as it provided us with even more to talk about. Also, who can stay mad at Billy and Austin?!” - David McNamera | Wheel Scene