Alex Cebrián's Furtius Section

Machine Translated from Spanish:

Seventh chapter of the Furtius saga, our puppy Alex Cebrián.

Engraved by Ferran Laparra, Paco Rey, Carles Durich and Teles Angel
Edited by Ferran Laparra and Carles Durich
Photograph by Iván Malvido

Ferran Laparra
Le Mong Tour (France)
Paco Rey
Carles Durich
Canari Mong Tour (Las Palmas de GC)
Pelayo González
Teles Ángel
Galiza Mong Tour (Galicia)
Iván Aliaga
Alex Cebrián

“If in your city there are not many spots, the kilometers, the hours in car and the liters of gasoline become a constant. As if you were a poacher, you go through towns and cities looking for that spot which motivates you and hunt it. FURTIUS is the result of many hours hunting spots. The sections will be out individually each month, although together they will form a complete video representative of the Valencian street scene with our Galician touch.” - Furtius VLC